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Rules governing membership

Membership - Fees

New memberships are submitted and eventually approved by the board of directors of TC ANTIBES JUAN LES PINS association which remains the sole decision maker. Membership fees cover the period running from October 1st to Sepember 30th of the following year. In the event of renewal, all fees must have been collected before November 1st.



All members, whether full season or temporary including trainees of the tennis school, must hold a F.F.T. valid licence which provides them with insurance covering both categories of damages, personal injuries or those caused to third parties i.e civil responsibility.

Access to courts

Only members may reserve a court for themselves (one hour for singles and two hours for doubles) and their identified partners, earliest on the eve of their game, in person at the desk or by telephone. From May 1st till September 30th, players making a reservation for morning doubles - 2 hours - must select either from 8.30 h to 10.30 h or from 10.30 h to 12.30 h time brackets.
Tennis instructors have got priority on the courts that have been assigned to them which means they may reserve two days before occupation.
Members unable to honor a reservation  are requested to inform the desk as early as possible for them to be able to reassign the court. Repeated failure to abide by this elementary fairness rule may result in exclusion eventually pronounced by the board.
Tennis school : parents will endorse full responsibility for their children until these have been entrusted to the professors present on the site which may be TC ANTIBES JUAN LES PINS or any other indicated to the parents beforehand. The responsibility of the instructors will cover the whole duration of the lesson.


Decent attire is compulsory and tennis shoes must be suitable for the surface on which they are used.


Courts : 
Incoming players must water their courts and outgoing ones will drag the surface nets and sweep the lines.
As a matter of courtesy incoming players are requested not to enter courts before the official (club's clock) time except if invited to do so by on court players.

Club : 
All common areas (access, cloakrooms, club-house) must be kept in perfectly clean condition.


No smoking on courts and in the club-house. No activity other than playing tennis is allowed on courts, except if the board would grant an exceptional authorization. No pets on courts. It is recommended not to leave very young children unattended.


Any remark or litigation should be addressed to the club's secretariat. The club will decline all responsibility for any loss or theft that would happen anywhere on the site under its management.
Membership in the club implies acceptance of all the provisions of this Regulation and the articles ruling the association.